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--> -->  ?? While Exposition Masquerades as Debate    Author of MASSIVE, to arrive 2007 from Kunati Publications  Conversation's one and only goal is always to elucidate the tension between figures. A bad instance of why:  We have several supplement deficiencies, and you also've been buying your nose this whole time.  Or:  It had beenn't really ready nevertheless, but he was so tired of bass, and his fingernails stung inside the salt water where they broke and peeled.  He was picking his nose again.  "Quit it!"  July's composition at: Interior Monologue: Just Think No!    (d) 2006 by TK Kenyon  in fiction (Truman Capote Fellow,) keeps a Ph.D. TK Kenyon has posted numerous small fiction and non fiction bits in renowned publications.  This article was published on October 11, 2006

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